Adapter cables or charge maintainers are essential accessories for a true motorcyclist.

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Cellularline dual usb din adapter
€ 18,00 € 20,00

12V adapter with DIN connector and dual USB port.

Cellularline dual usb port for handlebar
€ 27,00 € 30,00

Power supply kit for tubular motorcycle handlebar with dual USB port. 

Klan battery camble
€ 9,95

Power cable for direct connection to the battery poles. Equipped with eyelets for the battery connection and a protection fuse. 

Klan battery kit 7,4 V
€ 80,00 € 89,95

Battery set for gloves and socks, consisting of a 7.4 volt (6000 mA) battery and a charger with which the battery can be charged. The battery consists of a cell measuring 100 x 60 x 20 mm and weighing 225 g.

Klan power cable BMW
€ 23,00 € 24,95

Power cord connected to the BMW kind of auxiliary socket of your bike. The cable has a length of 150 cm.

Klan spiral cable
€ 9,95

Extension cable to bring the power from the selected connector to your Klan-e garments from the current range. The cable is made with an extendable spiral cable. The cable length ranges from 50 cm to 140 cm.

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