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Abbigliamento moto alpinestars
Alpinestars Komodo Travel bag - 140 BlackAnthraciteWhite
€ 199,00 € 239,95

The Komodo travel bag swallows up gear into specific, functional compartments. Wet/dry separation and all the bells and whistles necessary to efficiently stow your gear, the Komodo is ideal for Moto, Road Racing, Snowboarding or any other activity that requires large amounts of gear or equipment.

Cellularline pair of led
€ 139,00 € 169,00

Auxiliary LED headlight kit with ECE R112 homologation

Cellularline pro case for galaxy s5 for handlebars
€ 34,00 € 60,00

The new Interphone Pro Case line of cases was developed to provide the highest resistance to water, snow, impacts and dirt on the motorcycle, as well as to offer an Italian design with an original concept featuring innovative, ergonomic lines.

Cellularline pro case for iphone5 for tubolar handlebars
€ 28,00 € 50,00

The new Interphone Pro Case line of cases was developed to provide the highest resistance to water, snow, impacts and dirt on the motorcycle, as well as to offer an Italian design with an original concept featuring innovative, ergonomic lines.

Givi E125 Kit of four rings for anchoring TRKR
€ 8,00

Kit of four rings for anchoring the elastic net T10N. They must be fixed to the cases by making four ø10mm holes

Givi Wire padlock S221
€ 7,50 € 8,50

Wire padlock for soft bags, with combination lock.

Givi first aid kit s301
€ 15,00 € 18,00

Portable first aid kit in compliance with DIN13167

Givi internal bag t468b
€ 32,60 € 43,50

Inner bag for E55 Maxia 3, V56 and E52 Maxia cases

Givi internal bag t484b
€ 44,60 € 59,50

Removable inner bag for the Givi Trekker TRK33N and Givi Trekker TRK46N cases

Givi internal bag t490
€ 48,75 € 65,00

Inner bag for the Givi Trekker TRK52N case

Givi internal bag t502
€ 39,20 € 49,00

Inner bag for V47, V46, E41 Keyless, E460, E360, E45, B47 Blade, E470 Simply III and E450 Simply II. 

Givi internal bag t506
€ 54,00 € 67,50

Waterproof inner bag with rectangular base - 35 lt.

Givi internal bag t507
€ 58,40 € 73,00

Waterproof inner bag with rectangular base - 45 lt.

Givi smartphone holder S958B
€ 50,50 € 59,50

S958B is the ideal solution to carry your smartphone on motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, quads and other means of transport; the fixing system, compatible with tubulars with a diameter between 8mm and 35mm and with the possibility of embracing even sections that are not perfectly round

Givi smartphone holder s957b
€ 47,50 € 56,00

Smartphone holder specially designed for the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S6. Compatible with scooter, motorbike and bicycle.

Givi smartphone/gps holder s953b
€ 44,50 € 52,50

Universal Smartphone-GPS holder. Compatible with roller, motorrad and bicycle.

Givi telepass device support s602
€ 20,00 € 22,00

Case for "TELEPASS *" type motorway toll payment devices with double-sided adhesive ideal for fixing on the tank or dashboard

Givi telepass holder s601
€ 24,00 € 30,50

Universal telepass holder for tubolar handle

Givi trekker straps belts s350
€ 12,00 € 13,00

Pair of Trekker Strap belts, maximum traction load 100 kg.

Givi trekker straps belts s351
€ 10,00 € 11,00

Pair of Trekker Strap belts, width 20 mm and length 1000 mm

Givi tubeless tyre repair kit s450
€ 35,00 € 41,50

Tubeless tyre repair kit

Givi universal smartphone holder s956b
€ 47,50 € 56,00

Universal Smartphone holder. Compatible with scooter, bike and bicycle.

Givi universale case for payment devices S604
€ 27,50 € 32,50

Universal case for European motorway toll payment devices completely MADE IN ITALY, equipped with universal kit for fixing on handlebars, crossbars and mirrors.

Kappa backrest K613 for K-Force KFR480/KFR420
€ 43,50 € 51,50

Polyurethane backrest K613 

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Whether it's summer or autumn, it doesn't matter, when traveling by motorbike the watchword is practicality. An objective that can only be achieved with punctual organization and motorcycle travel kits designed to meet the needs of the rider. From fastening straps to internal bags for top cases and rigid suitcases, on MG MotoStore there is everything you need to travel safely and with maximum comfort.


The MG MotoStore motorcycle travel kit proposal is designed to offer the motorcyclist all those accessories that make travel easier and more comfortable, while always keeping the focus on quality, a distinctive feature of the e-shop.

Among the many options are first aid kits and safety accessories with reflector triangle and reflective jacket. Essential elements to face every motorcycle trip in peace.

The offer of the travel kit also includes tire repair kits, indispensable allies in the event of punctures due to nails, or other minor damage to the wheel. Operation is simple: just follow the instructions to return the tire to an adequate pressure to continue the journey safely.

Scrolling through the travel kit section you will also find supports for smartphones and telepasses, which increase driving comfort by improving the management of navigation services and payment systems for motorway tolls. There are also thick seat covers, which keep the seat cool by creating an air gap, high visibility vest with reflective strips and waterproof helmet bags.

Finding the right motorcycle travel kit for your needs is easy on MG MotoStore, thanks to the numerous search filters (by price, manufacturer, size, etc.) and the support provided by the assistance team. In fact, multichannel customer care is available at every stage of the purchase, providing advice and technical information. Below is a short list of recommended products.

MG MotoStore's selection of motorcycle travel kits is made up of products from the leading brands in the sector, such as Alpinestars, Givi, Kappa, Oj and Tucano Urbano. Our shop is in fact aimed at all motorcyclists who do not compromise in terms of quality. The prices, however, are always affordable, and in the Outlet section truly unmissable offers are presented, with discounts of up to 70%.

The extra discounts on many items, applied directly to the cart, increase the competitiveness of the travel kit offer. Shipping is fast (72 hours) and free for orders over 200 euros. And only secure methods are used for payments, including bank transfer, PayPal and Scalapay. The latter allows payment in three monthly installments without interest.