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Tucano urbano waterproof parabellum jacket
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Calf length fully waterproof jacket

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Cold, poor visibility, forced stops and ailments. Rain is the worst enemy of the motorcyclist: a sudden change in weather is enough to ruin the Sunday trip out of town or make the return from work uncomfortable, and in some cases even dangerous. But with MG MotoStore rainwear, bad weather is no longer an obstacle.


Selected to satisfy the most demanding motorcyclists, our rainwears are performing and resistant. Just scroll through the proposal to find suits, trousers, long and short jackets, glove covers and even shoe covers. Only high quality products, made by brands that are a guarantee of high safety standards and first choice materials.

There are windproof and waterproof polyester garments with a high water column, with taped seams and a waterproof trap on the central zip. Rainproof options also include waterproof trousers with reflective inserts, inner lining and adjustment systems in the ankle area.

In particular, brands such as Alpinestars, Clover, Rev'it and Tucano Urbano make up the selection of professional rainwear for motorcycles from MG MotoStore. Top brands that are also found in other sections of the offer, entirely characterized by an excellent quality-price ratio.

Among the other items in the catalog there are jackets, trousers, leather suits, motorcycle shoes, thermal clothing and much more. Everything you need to experience the passion for two wheels in maximum safety even in bad weather.

Prices are affordable and free shipping for orders over 200 euros. Bargains not to be missed are collected in the Outlet section, with hundreds of discounts on clothing and motorcycle helmets that cut costs by up to 70%.


Quality, convenience, but also customer protection. MG MotoStore only adopts risk-free payment methods and transactions are protected with the HTTPS protocol and the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.0 security protocol, which protects the user's privacy. Payment data is encrypted and managed directly by the bank.

The motorcyclist who chooses www.mgmotostore.com is sure to find only the best in rainwear and other items, in addition to the support of experts and motorcycle enthusiasts. The love for two wheels is in fact the basis of the project, which was born as a physical store and then landed on the web.

In particular, the assistance service is available to the customer in choosing the product, providing advice and technical information. And to make the selection of the perfect rainwear even easier, it has selected some recommended items.

To ensure a service that always lives up to expectations, shipments are entrusted only to selected logistics partners, able to ensure fast deliveries and perfect product integrity.