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Givi E125 Kit of four rings for anchoring TRKR
€ 7,50

Kit of four rings for anchoring the elastic net T10N. They must be fixed to the cases by making four ø10mm holes

Givi E146 set of 3 adhesive rubbers for Trekker Outback cases
€ 8,00

Set of 3 protective adhesive rubbers for Trekker Outback case lids.

Givi Monolock B330NT case
€ 67,00 € 89,50

MONOLOCK® top-case 33 ltr with smoked reflectors. Universal kit and plate are included

Givi Monolock top-case E43NMAL+
€ 120,00 € 153,50

43 liter Givi monolock E43NMAL + top case including plate and universal mounting kit Plus version including elastic net for objects, backrest and internal lining

Givi PL1144CAM specific pannier holder for Trekker Outback
€ 186,00 € 239,00

Specific pannier holder for Trekker Outback MONOKEY® CAM-SIDE

Givi PL5108CAM specific pannier holder for Trekker Outback
€ 193,00 € 248,00

Specific pannier holder for Trekker Outback MONOKEY® CAM-SIDE

Givi PL8711 side case holder specific for Benelli TRK502 X
€ 145,00 € 186,50

Specific side case holder for MONOKEY® or RETRO FIT cases 

Givi PLR5108 side case holder specific for MONOKEY® cases
€ 199,00 € 256,00

Specific quick release side case holder for MONOKEY® cases for Bmw R1200gs 2013

Givi SRA5137 rear rack for Bmw F 900 XR (20)
€ 104,00 € 134,00

Specific rear rack SRA5137 for Bmw F 900 XR (20)

Givi Semi-rigid case WL901 Weithless
€ 132,00 € 176,00

Semi-rigid case with MONOKEY® attachment system, extendable from 29 lt to 34 lt.

Givi Trekker Outback Black OBKN58B top-case
€ 390,00 € 520,00

Trekker Outback Black Line aluminium top-case, matt black painted 58 ltr

Givi Trekker Outback OBKN42B top-case
€ 310,00 € 414,00

Trekker Outback Black Line aluminium top-case, matt black painted 42 ltr

Givi Trekker Outback black OBKN37B 37 lt. side case
€ 309,00 € 413,00

Trekker Outback Black Line, aluminium side case matt black, painted, 37 ltr

Givi Trekker Outback black OBKN48B 48 lt. side case
€ 319,00 € 425,50

Left-side Trekker Outback Black Line, aluminium side case matt black, painted, 48 ltr

Givi Trekker TRK52B 52 lt. top-case
€ 255,00 € 339,50

52 ltr top-case black with aluminium finish, matt black painted

Givi Trekker Trk52N 52 lt. top-case
€ 242,00 € 323,50

52 ltr top-case black with anodized aluminium finish

Givi V47NT case
€ 187,00 € 250,50

V47 TECH top-case, 47 ltr black, with carbon pattern insert and smoked reflectors

Givi additional padded handles E143
€ 16,50 € 19,00

Additional padded handles for Trekker Outback OBK37-OBK48

Givi attacco posteriore 1156FZ
€ 100,00 € 128,00

Specific rear rack for MONOKEY® or MONOLOCK® top case for X-ADV (17> 20)

Givi backrest E133S for Trekker Trk52
€ 35,00 € 41,00

Polyurethane backrest  for Trekker Trk52

Givi backrest E172 for trekker outback OBKN58
€ 49,00 € 61,00

Givi backrest E172 for trekker outback OBKN58

Givi backrest E173 for Obkn42/A
€ 43,00 € 50,50

Polyurethane backrest for Trekker Outback 42 lt 2018.

Givi backrest E95S for V46 -E52 Maxia cases
€ 35,00 € 41,00

Specific backrest for MONOKEY® E52 MAXIA and V46 cases. Upholstered in imitation leather with GIVI logo, the foam padding is excellent comfort.

Givi case TRK35 Trekker II 35lt.
€ 169,00 € 225,50

35 ltr top and side case black with anodized aluminium finish

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They are silent travel companions, but irreplaceable in different situations. The motorcycle cases are among the most versatile accessories. Here are stored documents, jackets, gloves, helmets and other objects related to everyday life, from bags to shopping. However, not all products are the same, there are different technical characteristics, such as capacity and aesthetic profile. Let's find out what are the parameters to be evaluated in the choice and which products are recommended by MG MotoStore.

Givi and Kappa, the motorcycle top case brands in the MG MotoStore catalog

Within this section of the offer, MG MotoStore has two prestigious specialized brands: Givi and Kappa. The proposal consists of attacks, as well as dozens of models of motorcycle cases. Finding the product that best suits your motorcycle needs is easier with qualified assistance. For any doubt, just call +39 091 325241, use WhatsApp (+39 366 7256992) or the e-mail address

Here is a review of the most popular models. Here are the recommended motorcycle cases:

Better a motorcycle top case for two helmets or another model? The parameters to choose

The two wheels are synonymous with great practicality, both in the city and on vacation, especially in destinations crowded with tourists. However, the right precautions must be taken and those accessories that make the difference purchased. The motorcycle cases are undoubtedly among them. They provide a space that represents an added value in terms of comfort, in long as in short sections.

There are many models on the market, therefore the need to identify selection criteria emerges. What parameters to adopt? One of the aspects to consider is undoubtedly the material of which the top case is made. If the use of the motorcycle also includes long-distance journeys, it is preferable to move towards high-strength plastic products, with high protection capacity of the objects kept.

Canvas or mesh products are also available. They ensure greater flexibility, given the material they are made of. But it must be considered a shielding against impacts and atmospheric agents inferior to plastic articles.

Is the 52 liter motorcycle top box convenient? Capacity, installation and locking systems

And what about the capacity? 32-40 liters are a good compromise, but for particular travel needs it is better to move towards models starting from a capacity of 40 liters. There are also products on the market that exceed 50 liters.

Closure systems should not be underestimated. For classic models, i.e. rigid ones, a lock is integrated, the effectiveness of which varies significantly according to the technical specifications of the individual product. Things change for the mesh or canvas motorcycle cases. In this case, the motorcyclist will have to apply a padlock.

Then there is the installation. It is important to verify that the model of interest can be applied on your motorbike or scooter. The cases provide an installation on the luggage rack and a fixing plate is required. The latter is usually part of the kit included in the purchase of the product, but depends on the model examined.

The load must comply with what is specified by the manufacturer. The operations indicated must also be followed for the assembly activity. If difficulties arise, it is useful to request the support of experts, such as those who make up the staff of MG MotoStore.