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Givi GRT722 cargo bag
€ 53,00 € 66,50

Cargo water resistant bag, 8 ltr

Givi PL8711 side case holder specific for Benelli TRK502 X
€ 153,00 € 196,00

Specific side case holder for MONOKEY® or RETRO FIT cases 

Givi V37N side hardbags
€ 369,50 € 492,50

The latest product from GIVI is the new V37 side-case, an evolution of the famous V35. - 37lt. 10kg

Givi saddle bags ea100b
€ 117,00 € 150,00

Expandable saddlebags (pair) of high-quality polyester 600D PU - 40 lt.

Givi saddle bags ea101b
€ 108,00 € 138,00

Expandable saddlebags (pair) of high-quality polyester 600D PU - 30 lt.

Givi saddle band CRM105
€ 18,50 € 22,50

Saddle band for mounting the side bags CRM102 and CRM106.

Givi side bag CRM106
€ 47,50 € 60,50

Single side bag, 13 lt. To be combined necessarily with the saddle band CRM105.

Givi side bags EA127
€ 112,50 € 144,50

Pair of extensible side bags, 30 ltr

Givi side bags EA133
€ 121,50 € 156,00

Pair of waterproof side bags, 25 ltr

Givi single side bag CRM102
€ 53,00 € 66,50

Single side bag, 16 lt. To be combined necessarily with the saddle band CRM105.

Givi soft bags MT501S Multilock
€ 182,00 € 230,00

Single thermoformed Multilock side bag with vertical load. Expandable, 18 ltr capacity.

Givi softs bag xs5112e
€ 69,50 € 86,50

Pair of XSTREAM panniers to be mounted on the original engine guard of the BMW R1200GS Adventure (14 > 16)

Kappa ST100 soft side bags
€ 75,00 € 92,50

Pair of expandable side bags, 30 lt.

Kappa side cases K'FORCE KFR4837BPack2
€ 621,00 € 828,00
  • Black

Set of black aluminum side cases from the K'Force KFR4837BPACK2 line with a capacity of 48L for the left and 37L for the right. Indicated for which mounts an asymmetrical frame due to the muffler.

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