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Motorcycle bags are appreciated by those looking for accessories that are at the same time reliable, robust and above all comfortable to perfect the travel experience. In this category you can choose between internal, side, saddle or tank bags.

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Abbigliamento moto alpinestars
Alpinestars Goanna Duffle Bag - 140 BlackAnthraciteWhite
€ 85,00 € 100,00

MX Duffle bag made of Polyester and tarpaulin for a better resistance against off-road terrain. Made to store all the MX gear easily.

Abbigliamento moto alpinestars
Alpinestars Komodo Travel bag - 140 BlackAnthraciteWhite
€ 190,00 € 240,00

The Komodo travel bag swallows up gear into specific, functional compartments. Wet/dry separation and all the bells and whistles necessary to efficiently stow your gear, the Komodo is ideal for Moto, Road Racing, Snowboarding or any other activity that requires large amounts of gear or equipment.

Abbigliamento moto alpinestars
Alpinestars Spacewarp Duffle Bag
€ 92,00 € 115,00

Monster Energy and Alpinestars, have teamed up to bring you this product collaboration of rider outerwear and accessories. 

Boblblee hadshell laptop V17
€ 150,00 € 230,00

Equipped to give you all the freedom you desire, whether you’re carrying a 17 inch media monster or a compact net book, with well protected padded compartments.

Givi Easy Bag waist bag EA125
€ 22,00 € 24,00

Water resistant adjustable waist bag

Givi Engine-guard bags T513
€ 71,00 € 91,50

Pair of universal waterproof engine-guard bags, 5 ltr

Givi GRT709 Canyon side bags
€ 430,00 € 589,00

Pair of side bags, 35 + 35 ltr

Givi Internal protective bag T508
€ 28,00 € 41,00

Internal protective bag for casual video/ photographic equipment during motorcycle transportation

Givi M8A plate monokey®
€ 75,00 € 99,50

MONOKEY® Plate. Made from aluminium 3 mm colour brushed and anodized aluminium

Givi M8B plate monokey®
€ 79,00 € 103,00

MONOKEY® TREKKER RACK BLACK LINE plate in black anodized aluminum

Givi T516 handlebar pouch
€ 39,00 € 50,00

Universal handlebar pouch with internal mobile phone compartment. - 3lt.

Givi V37N side hardbags
€ 380,00 € 509,00

The latest product from GIVI is the new V37 side-case, an evolution of the famous V35. - 37lt. 10kg

Givi backpack EA121
€ 55,00 € 69,00

Waterproof backpack ,18 ltr.

Givi bf ring tanklock system
€ 12,00 € 14,50

This ring must be purchased if a Givi Tanklock tank bag is to be used on more than one bike

Givi cargo bag EA120
€ 63,00 € 79,00

Waterproof cargo bag 15 ltr.

Givi cargo bag UT807B
€ 87,00 € 116,00

Expandable cargo bag, 20 ltr. Adjustable for mounting onto side bags, top-cases, extra supports, luggage racks and passenger saddles.

Givi flange coupling system ZT480R
€ 25,00 € 27,00

Givi ZT480R Flange Coupling System Replacement Specific for Soft Tanklock Tank Bags

Givi inner bag T514
€ 39,00 € 48,00

Inner bag for DLM30 Trekker Dolomiti

Givi inner bags T443C
€ 57,00 € 73,50

Pair of soft inner bags for V35, V37 cases, their shape makes them usable inside the V35, V37 MONOKEY® SIDE cases only.

Givi internal bag T511
€ 46,00 € 58,00

Waterproof Inner bag for Trekker Outback 42 ltr

Givi internal bag T512
€ 50,00 € 63,00

Waterproof Inner bag for Trekker Outback 58 ltr.

Givi internal bag t468b
€ 33,00 € 42,00

Inner bag for E55 Maxia 3, V56 and E52 Maxia cases

Givi internal bag t484b
€ 45,00 € 57,00

Removable inner bag for the Givi Trekker TRK33N and Givi Trekker TRK46N cases

Givi internal bag t490
€ 49,00 € 62,50

Inner bag for the Givi Trekker TRK52N case

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